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Bitcoin Pricing – Upside with Increased Adoption

Summary: We dive into different methods of valuating the “intrinsic” value of Bitcoin and get a range of results We focus on 3 main valuation methods and outline them: TAM valuation, Metcalfe Valuation, and the Monetary Equation. We also talk about the “cost of production” method and the stock-to-flow model, but their assumptions both fall […]

Daily Brief 12/31 – UK Strain in the US and Amazon Wondery

California reports UK strain: California has reported the first case of the more contagious Covid-19 strain first found in the UK and a day following Colorado’s discovery. During a virtual conference, Dr. Anthony Fauci told California Governor Newsom, “I’m not surprised that you have a case .. We likely will be seeing reports from other […]

Daily Brief 12/30 – Vaccine Bottleneck and Intel

Vaccine Distribution Woes: In October Health Secretary Azar said that by year end 100 million vaccine doses would be distributed and every American would have access to doses by March 2021. In November Health Secretary Azar said 40 million doses would be distributed by the end of year. Now we won’t even hit 20 million […]

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